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EIS BSS Testing Monthly Status Report – July 2018

This report indicates the progress of each EIS awardee’s BSS Functional Testing. The report includes the acceptance date of each EIS awardee’s final BSS Verification Test Plan and mandated testing completion dates in accordance with the EIS contract. Each EIS awardee must complete BSS Functional Testing no later than twelve (12) months after acceptance of their final BSS Verification Test Plan.

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Yes. Level 3 was removed because of their acquisition by CenturyLink.
Yes. Level 3 was removed because of their acquisition by CenturyLink.
Was Level3 removed from the report due to their acquisition by CenturyLink?
Good Morning, Level3 is missing from this report.
The EIS contract states that “The contractor may only accept and process task orders or service orders, provision or deliver services and bill for services after it receives written notification 1) from the CO that it has passed BSS testing and 2) from GSA that it has successfully completed security testing in accordance with G.5.6.” At this time four contractors have received written notification from the CO that they have passed BSS testing. None of the EIS contractors have started security testing. They are in the process of completing the required security documentation. When testing begins, GSA will post monthly progress reports similar to the BSS Testing progress reports.
When will progress made towards the BSS ATO be reported?
The Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract will be the main component of the future telecommunications portfolio that GSA is defining... More

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