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The PSC Information Exchange Forum talks category management with small businesses

On June 28, 2018,  the government-wide Professional Services Category (PSC) hosted an Information Exchange Forum (IEF) with 11 small businesses to gather their feedback on the category management overall, Professional Services category initiatives and key performance indicators, and  best-in-class vehicles. Tiffany Hixson, category executive, led an interactive conversation designed to gauge small business’ feedback on these government-wide initiatives..

Ms. Hixson provided the background on category management and talked about some of the opportunities and challenges that have resulted from the initiative. She specifically shared two presentations from the recent Professional Services Human Capital Symposium:

The primary comments expressed by small business focused on:

  • Joining best-in-class vehicles and current supplier capabilities on best-in-class vehicles
  • Messaging around how work is flowing between the Professional Services Schedule, a Tier 2 contract vehicle, vs. OASIS, a Best-in-Class vehicle

The purpose of the IEF is to capture industry data, insight and recommendations on category specific issues in a structured manner that supports business cases and category management strategic plans. Throughout FY 2018, the government-wide Professional Services Category has hosted numerous meetings and interviews on a group and individual basis and through associations or directly with individual industry partners.  White papers and findings gathered during these sessions are posted on the Acquisition Gateway.

Planning for the next IEF is underway. Topics under consideration are spend under management, cross-cutting terms and conditions and ways to reduce the administrative burden of working with the federal government.

The next  small business focused IEF is tentatively scheduled for the second quarter of FY19. There will also be Forum round tables for mid-tier and large businesses in the first quarter of FY19.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Zachary Lerner at zachary.lerner@gsa.gov.


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