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First, I apologize for my remiss in keeping a constant tempo on providing updates to the SF-AIC and all that it's doing to help interagency collaboration amongst Acquisition Leadership located in the Bay Area.

Because of my core duties as Acting Regional Commissioner and Permanent Regional Commissioner, my time has gotten away from me and I haven't had as much engagement with the group as I would have liked. 

However, Jackie Sullo, R9 FAS Acquisition Oversight Executive, has filled in so well and continues to do an exemplary job at chairing the meetings.  She is keeping cadence with the quartelry meetings, focusing on training, small business issues, successes and constraints, and best practices. 

I have become the "new" Chairperson of the San Francisco Federal Executive Board, after serving my term as 1st Vice Chair of the Governing Council.  I am very happy to take on this assignment and to ensure that federal contracting remains a priority within the FEB. 

In addition, I believe that the FEB located in Honolulu is interested in establishing a similar type of SF-AIC.  The new chairperson, Mr. Stacey Franklin, has asked me and received copies of our Charter, guiding principles and a few of my many power point slide decks.

While we did not have our multi-agency industry day, I am hoping that we will sponsor this event next year. 

One of the SF-AIC's accomplishments was to establish a specific Contracting/Acquisition category for this year's Federal Employee of the Year (FEYA) awards.  Our ceremony will take place on June 28th at the Dellums Federal Building in Oakland. 

I'm off to DC next week for Senior Leadership and in July, I am supposed to participate in the FEB's national strategic planning meeting. 











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