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New beta.SAM.gov Videos are on YouTube!

Did you know that there are several instructional videos about the new beta.SAM.gov that you can view online? Serving several purposes, these videos both give users an overall sense of where the future of beta.SAM.gov is going, and they also help by giving step-by-step instructions about how to use the beta site.


These videos are a valuable source of information about how to navigate the website’s new functionalities. Learn about how we are modernizing beta.SAM.gov, how to sign up for a single user account, and how to use the search function.


The “Welcome to beta.SAM.gov” introductory video is on the homepage of beta.SAM.gov, and you can watch it right from that spot.


All of the beta.SAM.gov videos that exist today (and the new ones that will be coming shortly) are in the IAE playlist on the GSA YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for more instructional videos as we continue to migrate functionality of the 10 federal award websites into beta.SAM.gov –  the official U.S. government website for people who make, receive, and manage federal awards.

Visit beta.SAM.gov for the latest updates and provide feedback. For additional questions, contact us at  IAEOutreach@gsa.gov.


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