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Live-Streaming Details for the January 9 Public Meeting

GSA and OMB are hosting a modified town-hall style public meeting about the Commercial Platform initiative on January 9, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. EST to 4:00 p.m. EST. Attendees can attend the meeting in person (see this post for more details) or virtually through GSA’s online meeting platform, Adobe Connect.

Virtual Attendance Logistics

About the virtual session:

  • There is no registration required to attend the virtual session.
  • A court reporter will capture the details of the public event.  GSA will make that transcript available via this Interact group within a few days of the event conclusion.
  • The virtual session will be ‘listen-only’, we will not respond to Commercial Platform related questions via this online forum.
  • If you have specific items you would like to provide feedback on, we encourage you to submit those ideas by following these instructions.
  • To test your device’s ability to connect to Meeting Space, follow these instructions.
  • View this Quick Guide for Meeting Participants provided by Adobe.

Instructions for attending the virtual session:

  1. Navigate to the following link (note: this link will be available starting at 8:15am EST on January 9th):


  2. To login, please select the ‘Enter as a Guest” option and include the following identifying information:

    Name, Organization  [example:  John Doe, ABC Corp]

  3. Once the Meeting Space application loads, connect your audio by entering your phone number.
  4. The public meeting will begin at 8:30am EST. An agenda will be shared closer to the event date providing information on scheduled breaks.

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Commercial Platforms landing page 


Commercial Platforms 101 briefing

Overview briefing of the Commercial Platforms initiative


Implementation Plan and Policy Assessment -
Phase I Deliverable to Congress (March 2018)


Market Research and Consultation

Phase II Deliverable to Congress (April 2019)


Directing Legislation:

Section 846 legislation (directing language)

Section 838 (amendment to Section 846)


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