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NewPay Initiative

GSA will conduct an acquisition of the NewPay initiative. The purpose is to obtain a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that includes functionality for Payroll and Work Schedule and Leave Management (WSLM). Moving to cloud-based technology (e.g., SaaS) will leverage the scale of the Federal Government and enable agencies to focus resources (human and fiscal) on core mission priorities, which will reduce costs, significantly improve security posture, increase user experience and service, and better manage budgets. The Federal Government anticipates the streamlining of employee time reporting and payroll processing using standard Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and data schemas to support data exchanges between legacy Human Resource and Financial Management systems and the SaaS solutions. This approach will allow the Federal Government’s Shared Services Providers (SSPs) to provide this Information Technology (IT) solution, along with IT professional services that support customer agencies within the Federal Government.


The Federal Government intends to utilize the General Services Administration (GSA) IT Schedule 70 acquisition vehicle to establish a multiple award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) in accordance with procedures found in FAR Subpart 8.4