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GSA Improves Process for Updating Product Service Codes


GSA Improves Process for Updating Product Service Codes



The General Services Administration (GSA) Integrated Award Environment (IAE)  is announcing an improvement to the process for updating Product Service Codes (PSCs), which are used to describe the types of products, services, and research and development purchased by the federal government. Please go to https://www.acquisition.gov/PSC_Manual to find the PSC Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the improvements to the process for updating PSCs.


The PSCs are critical for government leadership to understand how federal dollars are spent and help determine how much money is being spent on specific products or services. The PSCs are also used to study existing trends in federal spending; report on international agreements; analyze regulatory burden; and reflect changes in technology and terminology.


As outlined in the attached PSC SOPs, GSA’s IAE is now implementing a standard process for updating PSCs that utilizes Category Managers as subject matter experts (SMEs). The SMEs will become the leads in determining whether to add, delete, or revise PSCs for their respective category. This includes PSCs for both product and services that may be in each category.  


Historically, PSC code refreshes were managed by two agencies: GSA, which was responsible for managing all PSCs for research, development, and services; and the Department of Defense (DoD), responsible for managing all PSCs for civilian and defense-related products.  The new PSC updating process removes the burden from GSA and DoD of managing all the product and service codes and aligning the management of the codes with the strategic principles of category management.


To increase the accuracy of reporting, the PSCs are subject to future changes.  Periodic updates to the PSCs will help improve system usability by minimizing the use of miscellaneous PSCs when a more specific one is available, leading to more accurate reporting.


For additional questions regarding PSC change requests, please email us at PSC-Codes@gsa.gov.




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