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Mid Atlantic Acquisition Council (MAAC) FY 17 Accomplishments

Mid Atlantic Acquisition Council (MAAC) FY 17 Accomplishments

 Submitted 9/7/2017 to FEB Policy Committee by Sue Davaro, GSA MAAC Executive Coordinator


MAAC Acquisition Symposium

On November 30, 2016, the MAAC Acquisition Symposium hosted 180 Philadelphia based procurement officials from 14 federal agencies for a full day of training and conversations around topics that impact all in procurement roles. The Acquisition Symposium featured 6 senior procurement executives from DC   who provided a wealth of information on topics that are relevant to all procurement personnel. Leaders   graciously discussed their journey through the ranks and encouraged all attendees to seek more challenging roles. Symposium evaluations revealed all attendees were inspired and impressed by the day's events and offered additional topics for our 2017 Acquisition Symposium.

Sub Committee Outreach

Each of our 4 Sub committees were busy this year expanding their wings and further defining their roles as well as making great strides to forge the mission of their team:

·         Training Sub Committeeworked with all Philadelphia Federal agencies to identify necessary contracting training and worked with FAI to bring that training to Philadelphia. As a result, two FAI classes were held in Philadelphia, supporting 50attendees from 11 agencies, resulting in an overall savings to the government of over $100k. 


·         Best Practices Sub Committeeis developing training on how to use a simple technique to speed up contractor responses to and close out of CPARs as well as addressing the DOD’s 30 Day Advertising Rule and how to execute it more efficiently and save on time while still in compliance with the regulation.


·         Events Sub Committeeis knee deep in plans for the 2nd Annual MAAC Acquisition Symposium on December 7, 2017. Using the National Constitution this year allows for break-out sessions on a number of topics which were generated by polling all Philadelphia based contracting personnel. The break-out sessions last year’s recommendations from attendees on how to improve the Symposium for FY 17.


·         Small Business Sub Committeepartnered across agencies to support each other in hosting Small Business functions.

FEB Award Winner

The Mid Atlantic Acquisition Council was recognized by the FEB members with a Silver Medal for Improved Federal Image - Inter-Agency Collaborative Initiative. The council members were proud and humbled by this award from their peers. 


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