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Follow-Up Action Required for PIV-I Pilot Customers

Update on New PIV-I Entrust NFI Root CA Certificates Available

As mentioned in the previous Blue Top, Entrust rekeyed the NFI certificate that affected only PIV-I pilot Agencies on June 1. We sent out an email to pilot Agencies informing them of the rekey and the need to update their infrastructure to handle the new certificates (LA, LCS, PACS/LACS, etc.). We also sent a follow-up email this week to the pilot Agencies alerting them of the status of PIV-I credentials activated prior to June 1.

PIV-I credentials that were activated or updated prior to June 1, 2017 have less than a three-year certificate on them because they were issued prior to the Entrust NFI certificate rekey. The certificates issued prior to June 1 have an expiration of August 2019. In order to get full three-year certificates on these PIV-I credentials, a card update is necessary. MSO sent an email to pilot Agencies to coordinate creating/completing this card update and to provide assistance as needed to the Agencies.


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