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    The purpose of the DHA IPN Program is to gather market intelligence for future DHA requirements that anticipate a need for an innovative or leading edge type solution. As an overview, DHA’s industry base will be asked to provide a written submittal on topics where the DHA is seeking market intelligence and innovative ideas to help develop Agency requirements. The DHA will analyze the submittals to identify industry capabilities and potential solutions. Vendors providing submissions to the DHA may be invited to face-to-face communications with the DHA staff. The panel will analyze the presentations, ask questions, and have open discussions with vendors regarding the material presented. The market intelligence gained as a result of the DHA IPN process is intended to improve the DHA’s requirements, increase the potential for innovative solutions, and expand acquisition resources.
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Industry Partnership Network (IPN) is a market research based program that facilitates direct acquisition related communication between DHA and DHA’s... More

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