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Why Join the Quality Partnership Council (QPC) MAS 36 Group?

The Quality Partnership Council (QPC) was formed to provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas and information, identify obstacles within processes and develop alternative solutions, and maintain effective communication between customer, contractor and GSA.

In this group, you will find a link to the QPC Charter, a listing of QPC Board Members with contact information, meeting minutes and updates on Supplier Working Group activities, notification about pending and completed changes to the schedule, schedule specific industry events, meetings and relevant training opportunities.

This is a forum for open and honest communication and discussion that encourages questioning of information and current processes, so please share your comments, ideas, and concerns on all postings.

Be aware, however, all comments will be publicly visible to all visitors to this site and that contract specific issues and concerns should be communicated directly to your GSA contracting officer.  See our Terms of Use.  The comment board will be managed by the GSA and Industry QPC Board Members.

Note: This forum is not a replacement for the existing lines of communication between Industry and GSA, rather the QPC provides an additional forum for the exchange of ideas and information. In addition to QPC meetings and industry days, other communication channels such as educational webinars, schedule specific meetings, email, social media and phone calls may be utilized. Since participation in the QPC is voluntary, it is important to note that opting out does not in any way impact communication between suppliers and GSA. The existing communication channels between suppliers and the acquisition professionals who are assigned to manage the MAS solicitations and the industry partner’s GSA contracts are not impacted by the QPC.



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