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Fallout/Ongoing Issues Since February 25 Maintenance Weekend

There have been ongoing issues following an update made with our CA vendor the weekend of February 25-26. The MSO has sent regular email to Agency leads making them aware of the issues and their status. Below are the remaining issues and workarounds. Please communicate these to your activators or refer them to TRACKS where information has been posted.

1. Duplicate records exist and impact PCA and Attended Activation search results:

This issue is related to data migration issues following the release. When using PCA, if a duplicate record exists, the activation will fail. In Attended Activation, if a duplicate record exists for the Applicant, one record has the complete applicant name, while the other is missing the Applicant’s FIRST NAME. We are actively working on removal of these duplicate records. Until we complete this work, please communicate the following to your Activators. TRACKS has been updated to reflect this direction and our help desk is ready to assist Activators with processing these records.

Attended Activation: If Activators see duplicate records, Activators should stop/not attempt the activation and call the Help Desk first to have the card properly bound and begin the process for having the duplicate record deleted.

PCA: Please DO NOT use PCA at this time for activations, and instead use Attended Activation. If PCA is used and the activation fails, the help desk will have to have the Applicant return at a later time to complete the activity. We’re making this recommendation to minimize confusion, and ensure when we give the all clear to use PCA, all issues have been resolved. 

2. One Time Activation passwords sent in “Card Ready for Pick Up” emails prior to the maintenance weekend are not working during activation.

The workaround communicated to callers and posted on TRACKS is to use Attended Activation/seek Activator assistance when the password does not work. This issue only impacts passwords sent before the maintenance weekend (Feb 25th). All emails sent after February 25 will work. The credential can be activated, but requires assistance from an Activator.


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