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    Do you have a packaged furniture contract or are you a supplier to a packaged furniture contractor?  This slip sheet may help you explain and market the program and your contract to customer.  Let us know what you think or what questions you are hearing from customers about this program and these SINs.  
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    in Quality Partnership Council (QPC) - MAS 71
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    GSA's Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWAC), in collaboration with the furniture industry and customers, identified several key revisions to the packaged furniture program under Schedule 71 that will improve the overall effectiveness of the program.  These changes were effective 4/1/2017.   A webinar was held on March 29th to explain the revisions and answers questions.  Did you miss it?  Attached is a copy of the slides from the webinar and the FAQ that resulted from the Q&A after the webinar.  
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    in Quality Partnership Council (QPC) - MAS 71
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This is a community that will focus its collaboration and engagement around Furniture - Schedule 71 matters and issues of interest and importance to... More

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