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Clarification on Light Installer v4.0.7 shipped with some LA kits in December 2017

Just prior to the December holidays, several Light Activation kits were shipped to a handful of customers with a new Suprema fingerprint device, instead of the Cogent 330 device. This swap occurred due to procurement issues with the Cogent 330. The performance of the Suprema is equal to the Cogent device and was tested thoroughly before deployment to the field. (It is also on the APL.) As a result of this device switch, a new Light Installer package (v4.0.7) was created that contains drivers for the Suprema, and were included ONLY in these handful of LA kit packages. This installer package is only intended for LA kits that will use this device, therefore was not distributed program wide. A letter explaining the new device was included in the kit shipments.

Moving forward, future LA kit shipments will use this Suprema device (Suprema Biomini Plus or Slim), and all documentation will be updated to refer to this model. 


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