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Service Enhancements - Week of January 10, 2017

Changes/updates since last Blue Top

  • Onboarded Executive Office of the President (EOP)
  • USAccess Software Release 10.1 went in to production as scheduled on January 7, 2017. This release included an update to the system that now requires role holders to log on to all portals using their PIV cards where previously they had an option with several portals to enter their User Name and password. Please see the release notes posted on the Agency Lead Portal for details on the release.

NOTE: As a result of PIV card log on, the process for Registrars and Activators to reset and change their UPN password (the one used to log in to their fixed credentialing workstation) has changed slightly. The updated “Guidance on resetting UPN Password on Fixed workstations 2017” document that outlines the new process is posted on TRACKS, and it will be covered in the January Registrar Refresher Training.

Planned changes

For any maintenance downtime periods, please schedule some buffer time to resume enrollment and activation appointments to account for any unanticipated delays in service.

  • PIV-I Pilots starting Tuesday, January 17, 2017 participants include: Department of Commerce, Department of the Interior, Department Justice, and the General Services Administration
  • Routine Maintenance is planned for Saturday, February 4Please plan for the USAccess Service and role holder portals to be unavailable for most of the day (typically 6am-6pm Eastern.)

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