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Security Tip: USAccess Role Holder Rules of Behavior Review

Access to USAccess requires that each Role Holder review and sign the USAccess Rules of Behavior. At a minimum the USAccess Rules of Behavior includes:

1. Safeguarding user ID’s, passwords and personal identification numbers (PINs).

a. Role Holders are prohibited from disclosing this information to anyone, regardless of their position in or outside of your agency.

b. However, Role Holders may be required to reveal this information to the Information System Security Officer (ISSO) or IT staff if so directed by with a written request form their agency management.

2. Accountability for all entries and changes made to USAccess using their passwords and PINs. This means that Role Holders will not:

a. Permit others to use their user ID, personal passwords or PINs.

b. Use another Role Holder's user ID, personal password or PIN.

3. Immediately report any misuse or compromise of user ID’s, passwords or PINs to the ISSO or local Help Desk.

4. Ensure that a lost, stolen PIV card is immediately reported to their ISSO or local Help Desk.

5. Understand and agrees to USAccess and their agency regulations and security policies designed to ensure the confidentiality of all sensitive information.

6. Understand and acknowledge that any information concerning agency credential holders is confidential and protected from unauthorized disclosure by law.

7. Understand and acknowledge that unauthorized access or modification to USAccess records is not permitted.

8. Understand and acknowledge that improper disclosure of USAccess credential related information to anyone not authorized to receive it may result in substantial fines and penalties under the Privacy Act of 1974.


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