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Are you an 1102 Starving for sample RFQs?

They are ripe for picking on eBuy Open.  Enter the Acquisition Gateway and click on eBuy Open under resources. Once there look to the left for filters. Skip the text search (I find it does not yield the desired results).

My favorite is to filter by SIN.  Did you know this is not just for FSS SINs?  Try entering OASIS.  You can see order RFPs posted on a particular OASIS pool. Curious about order RFQs under  GSA’s 18F Agile BPA? Try entering ADS POOL THREE. You will see the RFQs. Once you land on a solicitation you want to view hit expand to see and download its attachments.  

How on earth did I know 18F’s BPA was called “ADS POOL THREE?”  Why from GSA’s ELibrary of course! Once there enter BPA in the search field. I found the resulting BPA names can be entered in the SIN filter on eBuy Open and it works.

Next time you have a craving for seeing example RFQs you can quickly find them on eBuy Open!**   

**eBuy Open is currently for Government use only and not available to the general public.   

Important note: The views expressed on this blog post are those of the individual content creators. These views and posted comments do not necessarily reflect GSA policy and should not be viewed as such. The stated opinions contained herein are just that, our opinions as experienced contracting professionals.  

Author of this blog post: Brad deMers

Disclaimer: GSA does not guarantee the accuracy of search results on eBuy Open. Each ordering activity is responsible for the content of its RFQ.

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