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Future Feature - Feedback & Discussion, 'Share a Project' Feature

Starting this fall, Federal Gateway users will be able to share a project with others and collaborate to complete tasks and milestones, and to create and collect documents and Gateway content for their acquisitions. 
Here is a design concept for Project Share.  On this screen you can invite people to join your project, give them access levels, and then assign a role.   
Federal users - we'd like your feedback! Here are our questions
  1. Access levels include 'owner', 'view rights' and 'edit rights'.
    • Are these access options valuable and clear to you?
    • Would you assign multiple project owners, multiple team members can invite more team members and grant access levels? 
  2. Roles include Project Manager, Contracting Officer, Contract Specialist, and COR/COTR
    • Are there any other roles you would like to see in the drop-down list? 
    • Would a team member possibly have several roles? 
  3. We are showing a person's name and agency here on the team tab. Clicking on a person's picture or name will take you to their profile, where you can see all of their information.
    • Is there any more information about a person that you would want to see here in the team tab?
    • Would you value seeing the person's city/state or time zone in case they are a virtual team member?
  4. Any other recommendations on the information and options showing (or missing) in this Project Share tab? 

Check out the Project Center on the Acquisition Gateway and see new features released this summer!

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Build the Gateway With Us! We're looking for your input & discussion as we post future feature concepts and designs to our Interact community. Email hallways_contribute@gsa.gov to set up a one-on-one feedback session, and check back often for polls and new sets of questions form our product team.

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