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How the IAE Centralizes Collaboration and Project Tracking

The IAE uses Confluence and JIRA to centralize project collaboration and tracking in the cloud as part of its move to agile and DevOps.

As the Integrated Award Environment (IAE) moves further down the path to agile and DevOps, we’ve had to put the tools in place to support collaboration and writing product features and stories accessible to both the IAE’s onsite and teleworking employees and contractors. We chose Confluence and Jira to support our workforce. Both applications are running on the General Services Administration (GSA) network.

Here’s an overview of how we use these applications:


Atlassian Confluence is a popular cloud-based collaboration platform. It serves a significant role for all the IAE teams by acting as a centralized knowledge repository. Here are some examples of how our teams use Confluence:

  • Publishing and storing of meeting notes

  • Publishing and maintenance of the IAE Editorial Style Guide

  • Collaborating on personas and wireframes

  • Storing important process and technical documentation for the IAE program

  • Storing input from UX design sessions

No longer is important project information spread out across email inboxes; network shared drives and local drives.Using Confluence as a collaboration platform helps streamline processes because team members know to go to Confluence for project information.


Managing an agile development requires tracking lots of information including product development, agile story points, and feature releases. The IAE uses the Atlassian JIRA, a project management tool that is optimized for Agile projects , to best collaborate with GSA and contractor developers on planning and tracking IAE software releases.

Our developers and product owners use the threaded discussion feature to discuss details about release work. Having these conversations using threaded discussions versus email means that the conversations are later searchable using JIRA’s search function for anybody with access to JIRA.

Using JIRA also gives the IAE Program Management Office (PMO) a dashboard-type view into the progress of development during a software release.

Confluence and Jira work together in that when you are creating project artifacts such as workflows or architecture diagrams, you can link this work directly to the feature that it corresponds to. If you work on cross-functional teams, you can use the two products to link features and stories that have dependencies on each other.

What collaboration tools do you use to support your agile and DevOps efforts? Share your suggestions in the comments.


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