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The IAE Awards the FPDS-NG Reporting Requirement Task Order

Wexler Technical Solutions to begin work on IAE data presentation including the modernization of existing and creation of new reports.



The Integrated Award Environment (IAE) awarded the IAE Reporting Task Order to Wexler Technical Solutions. The objective of this task order is to obtain agile development, testing, transition, operation, and maintenance services for the data presentation of IAE data including modernization of existing reports and the creation of new reports and data visualization.

Through this task order, Wexler Technical Solutions will recreate existing reports so that the values returned by those reports match the values returned by the current implementation.

The new application will develop and maintain IAE reports as well as provide a centralized location to access all reports throughout the IAE. It also will replace all critical and major reports that IAE supports today while supporting the creation of new reports to represent IAE information. In addition to reports, the application will use data visualization to represent IAE information clearly.

The application will support standard, static, and ad-hoc reporting capabilities.  While some reports are available publicly,  other reports require access control and management using the IAE Identity and Access Management (IAM)  capability established for the IAE environment.

Please email iaeoutreach@gsa.gov with any questions about this award and its future implications for the IAE platform.


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