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You're Invited: MAS Transformation Industry Day, March 2016

Dear MAS Industry Partner, 

Please mark your calendars and register today to join the FAS Office of the Commissioner and FAS Office of Acquisition Management on March 24th for the first Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) Transformation Industry Day.  

This event is your chance to learn more about GSA’s plans to modernize and transform the Schedules program in order to grow usage and make improvements so it remains the contracting vehicle of choice for federal agencies and industry stakeholders.  GSA is committed to providing our stakeholders with a MAS program that addresses current market forces and provides government with a streamlined, value-based contracting solution that continues to save time and money well into the future.  MAS Transformation is focused on these outcomes.

The session will include presentations on the status and next steps of various MAS Transformation projects such as the Formatted Product Tool (FPT) and Making it Easier initiatives, Q&A with FAS leadership and contracting teams, and a demonstration of the now public-facing Acquisition Gateway portal.  

In addition to the two-hour general session, the Professional Services and IT Schedule 70 program offices will conduct two separate in-person breakout sessions for Professional Services and IT70 schedule holders immediately following the general session.

Please note that due to strict in-person and virtual space limitations, no more than 2 representatives from each organization should attend.

***Note: In-person space is limited to 145 participants. To register in-person on a first come, first serve basis, please use this link***

***Note: Virtual space is limited to 1,500 participants. To register virtually, please use this link*** 


In-person & Virtual meeting 

GSA Headquarters Building- 1800 F Street N.W., Washington DC

Conference Center   

Please use the F street entrance and arrive 15 minutes early to allow for security.

General Session (in-person & virtual):

Start Time: 03/24/2016   9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST)

End Time:  03/24/2016   11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST)

IT Schedule 70 & Professional Services Breakout Sessions (in-person only):

Start Time: 03/24/2016   11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST)

End Time:  03/24/2016   12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST)

If you have questions, please reach out to Colby Sheffer, FAS Communications (colby.sheffer@gsa.gov).

Thank you.

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Malcolm Wilson
<p>Any other Schedule 71 members attend this? I was wondering what your thoughts might be on the &quot;Competitive Pricing&quot; strategy and the impact that I see on domestic manufacturers. Not TAA Compliant, but true Made in USA items. She mentioned &quot;outliers&quot; and I can see where those who still make product here will lose&nbsp;business to those customers&nbsp;only interested in price .</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Also, as&nbsp;a 71 Schedule holder i was a little disappointed to hear that many of the other schedules she mentioned seem to be in a 9 month cycle as opposed to the 12-18 months for our commodity where new contracts are reviewed and awarded.&nbsp;</p><p>My other&nbsp;takeaway and concern&nbsp;is the burden of&nbsp;redoing&nbsp;multiple GSA Advantage pages. I suppose if we&nbsp;knew that the end users were trained to go&nbsp;there first to review products instead of plucking something off an Office Max type website and using that&nbsp;as a basis of design thus creating an unachievable price point for most contractors, it might be easier to take&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
MAS Blogger
<div>Thanks for your comment. The pricing model is used to identify and, where prudent, reduce excessive price variability. It is structured to determine a threshold at which it is unlikely that non-price factors (extended warranties, delivery terms, etc) would offset what is a significantly higher price relative to other suppliers in the Government marketplace.</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div>One of the benefits of this new approach will be faster processes and gained efficiencies to how changes are made on GSAAdvantage by eliminating the need for the Schedule Input Program (SIP)​ process​.</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div>We encourage all Schedule holders, including domestic manufacturers, to discuss an item&rsquo;s outlier pricing with their Contracting Officers, as we understand that several factors can justify an item&rsquo;s higher price- one of which could be that the product is​ ​&ldquo;Made in The U.S.A.&rdquo;</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div>Regarding concern of Schedule 71 cycle times, while in the past the IWACenter cycle time may have exceeded 9 months, currently the average cycle time is down to 6.5 months (195 days). We appreciate your feedback.​&nbsp;</div>
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