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  • Kirsten Clark
    We have some big news to share with you regarding Multiple Award Schedule 75 (MAS 75) - we now anticipate that MAS 75 will be open to new offerors in the first quarter of fiscal year (FY) 2018.  
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  • Kirsten Clark
    Throughout 2016, GSA has been working closely with the vendor community, customers, various industry associations, wholesalers and suppliers in the office supply community to determine the best course of action for re-opening MAS 75.  GSA is now announcing their proposed plans for reopening MAS 75 to new offers.
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    in GSA Schedule 75 Community Group
    Hello everyone. Our company falls within the 75 85 schedule. Is there any chances of that opening up along with the rest of Schedule 75? We are new to GSA and have many new products to offer.  Thank you!
    Kirsten Clark
    Thank you for your comment. The due date for questions is January 17th. All answers will be posted in late February on FBO and Interact.
Welcome to the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 75 Community Page.  We are pleased to announce that we are considering options for reopening GSA’s MAS... More
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