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You Can Help Reduce Frustrated Freight

As we have noted in prior posts, GSA works closely with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to fulfill the supply requirements of customers worldwide.  GSA routes many shipments destined for customers outside the contiguous United States (OCONUS) through DLA’s Consolidation and Containerization Points (CCP) in Tracy, CA and New Cumberland, PA.

Shipments reaching the CCP are closely inspected by DLA personnel and if not easily processed, are considered "frustrated" freight. These shipments require manual intervention to correct the deficiencies, and GSA incurs additional costs. A high number of shipmentsintended for customers within the contiguous 48 states are being mistakenly shipped to the CCPs. These errors ultimately delay shipments to our customers.

Vendors: Please pay particular attention to these elements of a GSA Purchase Order:

●      Block 10 (Ship To/Required Marking); and

●      Block 12 (contains ultimate consignee’s address for OCONUS shipments routed through a CCP).

This information is important for all shipments, but particularly for those destined for OCONUS users.

We continuously strive to maintain accurate and up to date routing instructions in our systems and on POs we issue. We greatly appreciate your close attention to the information contained in the POs as it helps us better support our customers and reduce costs for all.



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