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Important! Significant Changes to the Multiple Award Schedules Program and New Question & Answer Process

The January 2016 mass modification and refresh includes the following changes to MAS:


  • Streamlined Processes: A streamlined process and set of requirements for successful FSS contractors submitting an offer for a new contract under the same Schedule.

  • Contract Continuity Initiative: An approach to help address the problem of an expiring FSS contract - A contractor can now submit an offer for a new contract for the same Schedule as early as Year 14 under its existing FSS contract.[1]  Clause A-FSS-11 Consideration of Offers under Standing Solicitation has been updated to accommodate this flexibility.

  • Commercial Supplier Agreements: An approach to address to address Commercial Supplier Agreements such as standard terms of sale or lease, Terms of Service, End User License Agreements, or other similar legal instruments or agreements. The GSA Senior Procurement Executive (SPE) has issued a Class Deviation to include the new provisions, which mitigate the legal risk of incorporating 15 common Commercial Supplier Agreement (CSA) terms and conditions that conflict with or are incompatible with Federal law into GSA contracts.


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Please see this post’s FAQ attachments for more information on these significant changes: https://interact.gsa.gov/document/important-update-new-mas-refresh-mass-...


New Question & Answer Process for Vendors

Due to the significance of the changes to be implemented, FAS is requesting that all vendor inquiries be directed to this Interact posting.  Please post them in the comment section below rather than reaching out to your Contracting Officers directly. This is important because it will enable FAS to 1) gather all vendor feedback regarding these important changes in one place and 2) provide comprehensive responses for the entire vendor community to see. Thank you in advance for your invaluable participation and for your cooperation during this change.   (Note: You must log into Interact to post a comment).



[1] This equates to the first day of Year 4 under the second five-year option period (the start of the 14th year of the 20-year period of performance).


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