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GSA-DoD Collaboration (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered where GSA Global Supply gets the requirements we put into our solicitations?

You might think that they are derived from our past experience with vendors and the applicable legislative requirements embodied most visibly in the Federal Acquisition Regulation. While those are certainly relevant, what’s perhaps less apparent is GSA’s ongoing partnership with its strategic customers. Our intent is to create supply solutions that reflect an understanding of customer requirements, our own capabilities and those of our commercial partners.

While we engage with individual customers on a daily basis, fulfilling their orders for common commercial items worldwide, we also work closely with key customers in more structured settings. Among these key partners are the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and the U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM). At various levels, from senior executives to working level staff, GSA meets regularly with these partners in a focused, collaborative forum to identify customer needs and align them with supplier capabilities. Tom Sharpe, the Commissioner of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, is a member of the Distribution Executive Board (DEB) along with his peers from DLA and USTRANSCOM and representatives from each of the armed services. This group meets regularly to share information and to ensure that their respective organizations are aware of and responsive to the evolving needs of the other participants. The work of this board is consistent with that of the Distribution Oversight Council (DOC), where GSA’s Bill Sisk, Acting Assistant Commissioner for General Supplies and Services, also meets with his counterparts at DLA, USTRANSCOM and the military services to engage in more detailed discussions of logistics issues and challenges.

In the course of these discussions, and a third layer to be summarized next week, GSA is sometimes able to identify requirements that must be incorporated into future solicitations.


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