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Benefits of Supply Transformation

Last week’s post provided a broad overview of the changes inherent in GSA’s Supply Transformation (ST) initiative. A number of those changes, including the shift to direct delivery, are well underway, while others, including the modernization of IT infrastructure, are still in development. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting the anticipated benefits of these changes as we move forward.

These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Savings:  Applying strategic sourcing principles across multiple product lines lowers overall product costs;

  • Better Service:  Faster delivery for GSA Global Supply customers and more attractive retail settings for walk-in customers worldwide;

  • Transparency: Modernizing our IT infrastructure lowers costs and enhances GSA and customer requisition and order visibility;

  • DoD Compliance: Ensuring GSA’s timely integration with Defense Logistics Management Systems (DLMS) requirements assures proper alignment with GSA’s largest customer.


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