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Charting the Course with the Product Roadmap

The IAE product roadmap plots the short and long-term business goals of the award management community against planned and under development SAM.gov features.

The Integrated Award Environment (IAE) uses a product roadmap, a commercial software product management best practice, to help us plot the short and long-term business goals of the award management community against planned and under development features for SAM.gov. The roadmap is available as an Adobe Portable Document File (PDF) at the end of this post.

We manage the IAE product roadmap on a quarterly basis with high-level goals in place to develop SAM.gov as the award management platform of the future. Because IAE development takes place in an agile environment, we take an iterative approach to platform development. At the end of each quarter, our development teams launch workable and functional software based on goals defined in the product roadmap. While we are always open to feedback and comments from the community, we seek to get feedback at the end of each quarter about IAE features that just went live for users.

If feedback from the award management community produces additional requirements because market conditions or a changing business climate are altering business goals, we can accommodate the new requirements in a future iteration of the IAE product roadmap. Using a product roadmap is another tool that enables our developers and technical teams to make the necessary pivot so our team can best support the award community’s changing requirements.

As part of our outreach, the IAE product roadmap factors in beta releases of software where we open pre-release software to a large group of users in the award management community to try under real-life conditions. Beta versions of IAE software have gone through acceptance testing and are fairly close to the look, feel and function of the final product. The beta version of the software will co-exist with currently used or live software until stakeholder and IAE acceptance.

Please feel free to contact IAEOutreach@gsa.gov with any questions or comments about the IAE product roadmap.

What features would you like to see in the IAE roadmap? Why?

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