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Awardees for Agile Delivery Services Pool Three Full Stack

On August 28, 2015-16 BPAs for Pool Three Full Stack were awarded for the following vendors:


  1. Acuman Solutions Inc - (Other than Small Business)

  2. Applied Information Sciences Inc - (Small Business)

  3. Booz Allen Hamilton Inc - (Other than Small Business)

  4. DSoft Technology Company - (Small Business)

  5. Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc - (Other than Small Business)

  6. Flexion Inc - (Small Business)

  7. NCI Information Systems Inc - (Small Business)

  8. PricewaterhouseCoopers Public Sector LLP - (Other than Small Business)

  9. SemanticBits - (Small Business)

  10. TechFlow Inc - (Small Business)

  11. TeraLogics LLC - (Small Business)

  12. Three Wire Systems LLC - (Small Business)

  13. True Tandem LLC - (Small Business)

  14. Vencore Services and Solutions Inc - (Other than Small Business)

  15. Ventera Corporation - (Small Business)

  16. World Wide Technology - (Other than Small Business)

In addition, Pool One and Two are still in the pre-award process and separate notifications will be issued for these Pools respectively at a future date to be determined. Thank you.


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