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BMO Proposed Tiered Discount Structure

Industry Partners,

Policy established by the Office and Management and Budget (OMB M-13-02) requires that, at a minimum, tiered pricing is a characteristic that must be included in a government-wide strategic sourcing vehicle. The Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO) strategic sourcing solution is proposing the following tiered pricing structure that will have associated volume discounts at the task order level:

Unrestricted Solicitation

For a single task order:

Tier 1 - $1M-$4,999,999

Tier 2 - $5M-$9,999,999

Tier 3 - $10M+

Small Business Solicitation

For a single task order:

Tier 1 - $500K-$999,999

Tier 2 - $1M-$1,999,999

Tier 3 - $2M+

While the dollar amount for each tier is set by the solicitation, offerors shall propose a volume discount at each level that is appropriate for their individual business model. Offered volume discounts will be evaluated as part of the entire price proposal.  


We are looking for your feedback on these proposed tier levels. As you review them, please consider the following, along with any recommendations you may have:

- Are the dollar amounts provided for each tier listed above reasonable/appropriate for the government to receive a different volume discount at each level? These discounts would apply for a single task-order under the BMO vehicle.

- If the amounts are not reasonable, please provide alternative tiered discount ranges you would like the us to consider?

- Based on the proposed discount structure, what are typical discounts given for these amounts?

Please submit your questions, comments, suggestions or other feedback here (on Interact) or to our BMO email (fssi.bmo@gsa.gov).


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