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Some Updates with AAS, Pacific Rim Region - We're "Roaring" Back

Hello - I hope that everyone is doing well.  First, let me apologize for not blogging sooner.  I was selected as the Deputy Regional Commissioner in December 2014, so my breadth of responsibilities has increased dramatically and exponentially.  In addition to changes affecting me and the front office, there has been another change directly affecting the AAS Portfolio.  In April 2015, Mr. Stephen Durrett, a seasoned contracting officer, has temporarily taken over as Acting AAS Director for Region 9 as a detail.  He has a wide breadth of contracting and project management experience.  Please join me in welcoming him to the team.

Under the wise counsel, guidance and leadership of our new Regional Commissioner, Linda N. Allen (starting her 5th month with GSA), we have enhanced our level of customer service, including outreach to customers and industry partners.  This has been accomplished through an agile team construct, where our mission is to "excite and delight our customers" through a customer-centric and holistic/integrative model of Customer Service Directors, AAS Project Managers, and Contracting Officers.  We are acting together as one and leverging our expertise to provide an exemplary and consistent customer service experience.  

Based on the above, we are hitting the ground running.  Next week, on 17-18 June 2015, we will be conducting a combined customer acquisition forum and industry day (a 2-day event) at the Los Angeles AFB.  I'm delighted to also have OASIS DPA training conducted by Jim Ghiloni and a presentation by Casey Kelley of the Alliant GWAC Center in San Diego.  We have more than 100 people signed up for the industry day, which includes a Government-Industry panel and matchmaking session.  Stephen and I will be posting our observations and some good practices gleaned from this event.  

In addition, we plan to have a San Diego County outreach event on 18 August at the County Operations Center Campus of the Department of General Services.  Details to follow....

Thanks for your patience.   We're back...






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