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HCaTS Prime Contractor Experience - Update

Industry Partners,

Based on feedback from you, we have revisited the guidance provided in our previous blog “HCaTS Prime Contractor Experience”, posted on April 9, 2015.

After further research and input from industry, the HCaTS team has decided to allow Offerors to submit Relevant Experience Projects earned as a First-Tier Subcontractor under a Prime Contractor’s Federal contract and/or task order, to be counted as Commercial Relevant Experience Projects.  If an Offeror is submitting a contract or task order that they performed as a First-Tier Subcontractor as one of their Relevant Experience Projects, the customer would be the Prime Contractor and only the portion of the project that was performed by the Offeror is eligible for points and counts towards the minimum requirements on the Self-Score Worksheet (Attachments J.5.1 and J.5.2).  The Offeror will have the Prime Contractor fill out the Past Performance Substitute Form in order to determine the Pool NAICS Code (if applicable) and to rate the past performance.  

We thank you for your continued participation in the HCaTS Draft RFP review process. Please submit your questions or comments concerning the use of subcontractor experience as a Relevant Experience Project to hcatsquestions@gsa.gov.


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stephanie brodie
<p>Greetings!&nbsp; I may be out of the loop a bit but am trying to find out if the evaluation criteria will be for the team or for the prime contractor only?&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Anyone know?</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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