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It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning for Transition

Transition from current telecom contracts to EIS will begin after GSA awards the EIS contracts. Transitions must complete no later than May 2020.  Therefore, it’s time to start planning for transition. 

We encourage each agency to begin with the following and deliver these to GSA no later than June 2016.

·         Identify key personnel, including asenior transition sponsor, lead transition manager, and transition ordering contracting officer.

·         Engage telecommunications managers AND contracting staff to be aware of and collaborate on EIS transition planning.

·         Draft an Agency Transition Plan based on the following outline and toinclude the following components:

1.    Responsible Contacts and Organization

Ÿ  Transition Manager(s) and Ordering COs

Ÿ  Senior Transition Sponsor and Escalation Path

Ÿ  Support Contractors

Ÿ  Agency Hierarchy Code structure

2.    Strategy

Ÿ  Agency priorities and objectives during transition

–     Like for like, transformations, enhancements

–     Competing or complementary activities

Ÿ  Fair Opportunity (FO) decisions:  approach (RFP, RFQ, price), quantity, content, criteria, staff quantity and skill level

Ÿ  GSA involvement:  such as acquisition support, agreements for GSA-assisted, or self-help with GSA guidance

3.    Schedule

4.    Inventory Analysis and Confirmation

Ÿ  Summary by service type, quantities, locations

Ÿ  Equipment condition

Ÿ  Validation status

5.    Mission Analysis

Ÿ  Constraints

Ÿ  Risks

·         Develop your agency’s financial strategy and budget – use what GSA reimbursed you in transition to Networx as a starting point to estimate your transition costs to EIS

Download this transition plan outline 

Stay tuned for more information about EIS transition on this EIS Interact Community and on GSA’s EIS Transition webpage.


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