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The GSA SmartPay Program At A Glance

The GSA SmartPay Program, established in 1998, is the largest government charge card program in the world.  It is the premiere charge card program of the United States Federal government, serving more than 350 Federal agencies, organizations, and Native American tribal governments.  In Fiscal Year (FY) 2014, the GSA SmartPay program supported 3.3M cardholders, 84.6M transactions and had a total spend of $26.4 billion.  Through the GSA SmartPay Program, agencies are able to obtain Purchase, Travel, Fleet, and Integrated Charge Cards (known as business lines) through a master contract.  The GSA SmartPay Program supports the Travel Motor Vehicles and Card Services portfolio by playing an integral role in the collaboration of multiple GSA programs, including Travel Card program discounts, Fleet Card expenditures, and Purchase Card transactions.


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Significant evolution in the charge card and payments market has occurred since the beginning of the GSA SmartPay contracts.   GSA's Office of Charge... More

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