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GSA BMO strategic sourcing is back on Interact and ready to hear what you have to say!

We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus but…we’re back. 

Earlier this year, the BMO solution development team began to reach out to industry to get your input about the government’s future solution targeting building maintenance and operations services. We held a virtual industry day, posed several market research questions here on Interact and, most recently, published an RFI focused on several key elements of the potential acquisition structure.

Although a good start, we now looking to really push ahead in communicating with you--the BMO commercial business providers and industry stakeholders. We want your feedback! As we propose ideas and approaches over the next few months, if you don’t think we’re doing it right, let us know. GSA wants to ensure that the final solution is not only useful to our agency customers but also something that vendors find easy to support.

We had a good response to October’s RFI, and we’re now in the process of reviewing those replies to see how the information in them will better direct us. However, we realize that not everyone has the time nor resources to participate in the RFI process. So next week we’ll be repeating some of those same questions we shared in the RFI on Interact. We hope this gives everyone a chance to share their feedback. Stay tuned! (To know every time we post a new question or have an update, please subscribe to our email list by going to http://bit.ly/gsabmoupdate)

One last note. Yes, Interact is one way we can share information with you but we want this to be a place industry and the government can carry on an open dialogue with each other. We love to see your comments! Direct emails to our team are fine (fssi.bmo@gsa.gov) but, who knows? Maybe your opinion is the same as what several other community members, and the fact that you voiced your opinion through a comment causes many others to chime in too. Maybe your comment will be the kick-off for a new discussion? Maybe it will draw our attention to something we’ve overlooked?

We’re also happy to explain the reason(s) for any certain direction we’re headed, and willing to look at ways to improve it.

You can only post a comment if logged into Interact (sorry, this helps us better ward off trolls).To make a comment, sign-in to Interact, create a comment in any post (the open comment field is found under the article’s content) and click Save. There will be a brief delay before your comment will be visible.

Thank you. And look for new, weekly questions over the coming months.



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