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Maintaining a Net Zero Energy Building: Tenant Interface

Net Zero Energy Buildings are described as buildings that produce as much energy as they use on an annual basis. An article posted on the Whole Building Design Guide site suggests this may be accomplished by incorporating energy-efficient strategies in the design, construction and operation of new buildings; retrofitting existing buildings as well as the use of renewable energy sources. With an Executive Order (EO13514) goal to decrease energy consumption and the Federal Footprint comes a heightened desire to make buildings more energy efficient.
We are looking to gather market and industry information on net zero energy buildings, specifically for commercial space. The question we are looking to answer is "how the real estate industry maintains a net zero energy building, with a focus on the tenant interface? How do building owners bill/charge tenants (multi-tenants)? What kinds of incentives (tax write-offs, rent reduction, sell back to the grid, etc) are available for tenants in a net zero energy building?
Please share any resources, research, tools and ideas to answer these questions.
Linda Eduful and Phyllis Carr
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