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How Does An Open Space Floor Plan Stack Up When It Comes To Employee Productivity?

During the last several months I have been involved in doing some research on employee productivity and open space work environments.  After talking with a few people that have done a lot of work surrounding open space work environments the consensus is that the job of getting these statistics will be a big undertaking.

They all agree that in order to acquire concrete data for this task, agencies that have opted to use the open space plan would not be able to collect solid data on this until they have worked in this environment for a few years.

Other factors that may have to be taken into consideration with doing this study are:
- the kind of work being done by the employees that occupy the space 
- what are some of the things that should be taken into consideration

What are your thoughts about how employee productivity can best be measured once using open space?  Should the statistics be known before the use of open space?

Comments are welcomed.

Joan Ford, PBS Industry Relations

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