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JanSan Team Announces Two New Team Members

The JanSan FSSI Team is proud to announce that the team has been enhanced by the addition of two new team members.  Jamila Buchanan, Contracting Officer and Dana Weaver, Project Lead have joined the team.  Donna Peck continues to serve as the Program Manager for the JanSan FSSI.  The team continues to move towards award of the JanSan FSSI Purchasing Channel while diligently working on the pre-solicitation documentation for the JanSan FSSI requisition channel.  All questions and inquiries should continue to be submitted via email at FSSI.JanSan@gsa.gov or via interact.  


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Welcome to the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) – Janitorial & Sanitation (JanSan) Supplies community. As one of the new FSSI efforts... More
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