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Reducing Proposal Costs by Requiring Oral Presentations Instead of Written Proposals

Welcome to PBS Industry Relations Division’s (IRD) Interact page!  IRD is the liaison between the PBS business lines and the vendor community.  Through this Interact page, we hope to provide pertinent information and updates to help you work with GSA, as well as collaborate, share ideas and get feedback on how we can improve and be more efficient.  The knowledge sharing will be used to help shape and further define strategies and make informed decisions.

We welcome constructive discussions and suggestions!
PBS is seeking ways to increase participation in procurements by decreasing bid and proposal costs.  High bid and proposal costs can be a disincentive for doing business with GSA.  One way  to reduce costs could be to require oral presentations instead of written proposals.  These oral presentations could be the sole submission in smaller procurements, or a partial submission (i.e key personnel, management approach, etc) in larger procurements.
What do you think of this approach?  Do you have any best practices that PBS can consider?
Andrew Blumenfeld
Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Acquisition 
Public Buildings Service 
General Services Administration
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