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FEMP First Thursday Webinars On Energy Efficiency

Hi all. This Federal Energy Management Program-hosted webinar is free and open both to federal employees and contractors.

Take this FEMP First Thursday Seminar on April 3rd to understand new, more stringent new energy efficiency mandates for facility design and construction.  Receive 0.2 CEUs.
  First Thursday Seminars
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Instructor: Mark Halverson, PE
Building Energy Systems Group,
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Mark has been an expert in Federal energy efficiency standards and building codes since 1993.
FEMP Lead: Cyrus Nasseri, PE
Energy Efficiency expert Evaluations  
Check out the next FIRST THURSDAY
Energy Efficiency Expert Evaluations:
A Customized Assessment Approach
June 05, 2014

Discover a step-by-step customized method that combines the best features of an energy audit with retro-commissioning.
Instructor: Ed St. Germain, CPE
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etraining Core Courses  
FEMP First Thursday Seminars are FREE training sessions available via 
streaming web video and satellite broadcast. For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.
IACET CEUs awarded upon successful completion of a multiple choice assessment.
Requires the Microsoft Silverlight player. CLICK HERE for other technical requirements.
Contact: Joe Konrade at joseph.konrade@ee.doe.gov


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