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Update from FSSI MRO Team Regarding Removal of Awardees

GSA has made it a top priority to work closely with both our industry and federal partners throughout the MRO Purchasing Channel solicitation. GSA is confident that the MRO protest filed with GAO will be resolved or denied in a timely fashion, and that the Agency will be able to proceed with these solicitations in accordance with the Agency's projected deadline.  Pending the outcome of the protest, GSA has removed reference to the awardees and will provide the listing once there is a resolution. Ultimately, MRO will strengthen the federal government by reducing costs and expenses, minimizing contract duplication and improving efficiency.  MRO will also deliver great benefits to GSA’s industry partners and maximize opportunities for small businesses.

 If you have any questions, please email them to FSSI.MRO@gsa.gov.




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