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Recording and Q+A from BMO Industry Day now available

GSA has published its answers to questions submitted by industry participants during the GSA Building Maintenance & Operations services virtual Industry Day, held January 29, 2014. To open or save the PDF document, go to https://interact.gsa.gov/sites/default/files/BMOIndustryDayQ%2BA_Jan2014.pdf.

Also, below is the recording on the online event, and includes the audio and visual screen display (including chat window and presentation slides). The recording has been split into two parts to accommodate for captioning purposes.

To download the presentation slides ONLY, you can access them at https://interact.gsa.gov/sites/default/files/Industry%20Day_GSA%20BMO_29Jan2014.pdf.

GSA thanks the over 300 of you who were able to attend Industry Day. Be on the lookout for future requests for feedback and potential virtual events here at interact.gsa.gov/group/fssibmo.

Video is not currently available.  Contact fas.interact@gsa.gov for questions.


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