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Update: Enhancement to FSSI OS3 Purchasing Channel Acquisition Strategy


We received some excellent comments and suggestions during our December 10, 2013, Industry Engagement event. Based on the information shared by industry and by various associations, the OS3 Team is addressing the changes we are making to the draft solicitation.

First, we are increasing the number of awardees under CLINs 0001 and 0003. We received comments suggesting that we should add a new CLIN with a preference for contractors partnering with 25 or more small business dealers. GSA has considered this comment and found that while it does not justify a separate CLIN, having an award with a strong preference for high small business participation is a good way to advance the small business goals of this program.  Therefore, an additional award, number 15, will be added to this CLIN, with this requirement.

Second, we saw a number of comments, during the industry event, pointing out that in the toner//ink pool, there was no opportunity open for a small business.  We concluded that this was a valid concern.  Therefore, we will add two (2) small business awards to the existing three (3) service disabled veteran owned small business (sdvosb) awards.

In addition, we received comments suggesting that certain data fields were not consistent with commercial practice. We are reviewing these fields and will be able to reduce the reporting requirements.

We also received comments that the price reduction requirement, as drafted, would increase costs and thus would increase price.  We understand this concern and will be removing this requirement.

While we received many other comments, these were the most important changes made, as a result of your feedback.

In addition to the above, we will post information about one more significant issue shortly.  Stay tuned for this.

We thank you for the thought put into these comments, and assure you, we had many discussions about the comments you have made.

The final RFP will post in the next 3 weeks and within that time frame, we will be posting our draft RFP for the requisition channel, the second of three parts of this FSSI effort.

Once we post the final RFP on the purchase channel, we will be in a live procurement environment.  As such, we will be using the Interact site to address the requisition channel requirements, but will be very limited in what we can say about the live purchasing solicitation.

Good luck, we look forward to a very good competition.


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<p>To confirm, with the solicitation soon to be released, has information on the issue mentioned below been posted yet?</p><p><em>&quot;<span style="color: rgb(80, 0, 80); font-family: Arial; white-space: pre-wrap; font-size: 13px; line-height: 1.15;">In addition to the above, we will post information about one more significant issue shortly. &nbsp;Stay tuned for this.&quot;</span></em></p>
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