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Updates Made to MRO Draft RFQ

Hello everyone,

The MRO Team has made several improvements to the draft RFQ that will be released, in final form, late July / early August.  The team will not release another draft RFQ or market basket prior to that date. Improvements are as follows:

MRO Categories have been reduced from four* to three:


    Tools and Tool Cabinets

    Paints and Finishes

(*The previous category of Portable Heating and Cooling was combined with Hardware.  As Hardware encompasses portable heating and cooling products, having a separate category was duplicative.)

The number of BPAs and set-asides for each category was adjusted to reflect;

    Hardware - 11 BPAs (3 unrestricted, 8 set-aside for small business)

    Tools and Tool Cabinets 6 BPAs (2 unrestricted, 4 set-aside for small business)

    Paints and Adhesives 6 BPAs (2 unrestricted, 4 set-aside for small business)

No changes were made to the list of market basket items. 

Thank you,

GSA’s MRO Team


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<p>MRO Team,</p><p>Thank you for the update concerning the Market Basket categories and number of awards for MRO. &nbsp;</p><p>In addition to the four market basket categories described above, there was also an &quot;Electrical and Power&quot; pool in the draft RFQ. &nbsp;Has this group of products been eliminated from the upcoming FSSI BPA or are these products included in one of the other MRO categories?</p><p>Thank you,</p><p>Aubrey</p><p><strong>Aubrey Woolley</strong></p><p>Manager of Policy</p><p>The Coalition for Government Procurement</p><p>(P) 202.315.1053 (F) 202.822.9788</p><p>awoolley@thecgp.org</p>
FSSI MRO Blogger
<p>The Electrical and Power category has been combined with Category #1 Hardware.</p>
Welcome to the Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) requisition channel (RC) community. A government-wide strategic sourcing effort launched in... More
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