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GSA’s FSSI Wireless BPA solution improves procurement and management of wireless devices and services across government.

GSA established the Wireless Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) Program Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to improve the management of wireless contracts across government. The FSSI Wireless project seeks to drive lower purchase and operational life-cycle costs for wireless services while enabling improved management of mobile technology. Improved management practices allow agencies to invest in mobile applications that deliver services more effectively and efficiently.

The BPA contractors are AT&T Mobility LLC; Sprint; T-Mobile, Inc; and Verizon Wireless.
Comprehensive Wireless Acquisition
The GSA FSSI Wireless BPA project improves the procurement and management of wireless services across government. The FSSI Wireless project enables agencies to implement cellular service plans and devices more effectively and efficiently through the following: 
• Unified Acquisition – Consolidates the number and variety of disperse wireless contracts to reduce lifecycle management costs and drive better volume discounts
• Improved Information Management – Simplifies service plan management and enables centralized access to standardized usage data to easily identify opportunities for cost savings 
• Center of Excellence – Leverages best practices and collaboration across agencies and the entire community of stakeholders to optimize performance and increase value
• Cost Reduction – Pre-competed contracts that provide the opportunity to negotiate additional discounts
• Streamlined Acquisition – Simplified ordering process that reduces procurement time and enables easy reoccurring acquisition of products and services
Features of GSA’s FSSI Wireless BPAs
• Multiple wireless carriers, devices,  service plans, and device management support
• Allows devices purchased outside the program to use BPA’s plans and services
• Includes selection of no-charge devices, with device refresh after 20 months
• Adheres to federal policies and administrative priorities
     o OMB memo, dated May 20, 2005--Implementing Strategic Sourcing
     o Executive Order 13576--Delivering an Efficient, Effective and Accountable Government.  
     o 25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal IT Management, December 9, 2010, specifically, 
     o Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 
Benefits “collaboration with industry in the pre-request for proposal (RFP) stage” 
• Save time by consolidating multiple wireless services, plans, and devices across the enterprise into a streamlined program 
• Easily select the contractor with the best quality, price, and service coverage
• Save 15-20% by taking advantage of volume-pricing and price-maintenance controls
• Gain control by electronically collecting and analyzing inventory and account data
• Conveniently order through the flexible Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), with online aids and GSA support
• Quickly replace devices and comply with federal legislation and security regulations
Contract Type
Federal agencies and state and local governments can use the FSSI Wireless BPAs, which are based on GSA IT Schedule 70, SIN 132-53, with a 5-year period of performance. A 1.5% total fee (including Schedule 70 fee) is included in contractors’ prices. For more information, visit http://www.gsa.gov/wirelessfssi.
Wireless BPA Offerings
• Multiple wireless carriers
• Variety of wireless devices, including cell phones, smart phones, and broadband data devices bundled with service plans; or use devices procured elsewhere with BPA service plans
• Standardized wireless and cellular domestic service plans across all BPA industry partners 
     100, 400, 900 minutes 
     Voice Only Data
     Add-On Data Only
     Metered Metered Metered
• Infrastructure/subsystems and accessories
   o Licenses and support for management, security, enterprise messaging, and disposal and disposition 
   o Network connectivity and other coverage enhancements
• Business portal interface that allows an agency to integrate its management system for improved access to industry partner data for ordering, inventory, billing, and reporting
• Sharing of best-practices for the efficient adoption of centralized purchasing, MDM, Telecommunications 
Expense Management Services (TEMS), and similar applications
For More Information: If you have questions regarding FSSI Wireless BPAs, please contact the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at (888) 377-0070 or email the NCSC at NCSCcustomer.service@gsa.gov. For additional information, please visit
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