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Exploring OASIS - The Myth of the Perfect Score

We here on the OASIS Team put a lot of thought into the Highest Technically Rated with Acceptable Pricing approach, as well as our objective, quantitative scoring methodology.  We think it provides a great deal of information to our Industry Partners and helps them make informed business decisions.  In my various meetings with Industry, in our OASIS mailbox, and in our community here, I see a lot of vibrant discussion about the different scoring factors we have proposed.  Based on some of my observations and conversations, I’d like to share some thoughts on the process.

As you’ve guessed from the title of this blog entry, the OASIS Team does not expect to see any Offeror on either OASIS or OASIS SB get a “perfect score”, or the theoretical maximum number of points.  The purpose of the point structure is to differentiate between offerors.  We do not have a minimum in mind.  We have no idea what the cutoff will be, actually.  The goal is to weigh the various capabilities, experience, and performance of potential offerors and identify the best 40 in each pool.  It does not matter how many points you score.  It matters if your score is in the top 40 and if your pricing is in line.  

Yes, we could assign a point score to the minimum dollar threshold for task order size, in effect giving every offeror X additional points.  That would have absolutely no impact on the outcome.  Yes, it is possible that absolutely no small businesses that qualify for Pool 1 ($14M/yr revenue) have a Level 5 CMMI certification.  In that case, the points impact no one.  (Of course, if one or two companies do, then they are getting credit for that achievement, as they should.)

I encourage all potential bidders not to get wrapped around the axle of whether or not you can get the maximum score.  We’ve shared the points.  You know your score.  The only real question that remain are:  Among the pool of potential bidders, is my score in the top 40, and is my pricing in line?  I know we all like to get an “A” and you might be dismayed to see that your score is only 70% of the maximum, and thus potentially a “C.”  Fear not. We’re grading on a curve here, folks.   

We’ll be adjusting the relative scores in the final RFPs and appreciate all your great feedback in that area. 


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