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  • christy.jackiewicz
    The GSA Mentor Protege Program is designed to encourage and motivate GSA prime contractors to assist small businesses and enhance their capability of performing successfully on GSA prime contracts and subcontracts. The program is intended to foster the establishment of long-term relationships between small businesses and GSA prime contractors and increase the overall number of small businesses that receive GSA prime contract and subcontract awards. 
    Last Activity 2/17/2014 2:26 PM
    in Small Business Solutions
    What has been the impact of the cutback in Government Spending on small Businesses that are on the GSA Schedule?  What has been GSA's role in the process of deciding which firm's have their Schedule Task Orders terminated?...Read More
    Thank you for posting this. We're a plumbing and heating operation that would qualify as a protege and we could really use help navigating the bid submission process. We welcome messages from potential mentors interested in working with us...Read More
  • icdtranslation
    I am still pretty new at this whole realm of Government selling but am learning a lot, and very quickly (though I feel like it took forever to learn anything). Being such, we have done a lot of leg work to contact the government contacts that interest us, etc. I do have a lot to learn yet about Marketing to the government.
    Last Activity 2/12/2014 1:00 PM
    in All about, Small Business Solutions
    I'm sorry you did not get a response when you posted. We had someone managing response and need to get someone new to help. Please forgive us. We have a whole webinar series on Doing Business with GSA
    Interact Blogger
    There are also some videos on the Contractor Success group: and the group also offers a monthly conference call where you can pose questions and seek guidance from GSA SMEs.
  • christy.jackiewicz
    On November 7th GSA and DOE will host a special event to help busiensses partner to meet the building performance and subcontracting goals with Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs).
    Last Activity 2/12/2014 9:57 AM
    in Small Business Solutions
    I would like to know if you will be holding this again sometime soon?Iniquitous, Inc.1827 Pearl StreetDenver, CO 80203(720) 663-1711
    How can I join the (CTAT) Group ?
    Interact Blogger
    Hi paulylock, please visit the CTAT group for more information. You will need your GSA contract number and password to authenticate. If you have any additional questions or feedback, please contact Mr. Andrew Carbone ( Thanks.
    Since the Webinar is no longer available, is this project still open?New Home BuildingsCharlotte, NC 980-348-1458Stephen FortuneCFO, Chairman
    Hi Stephen, Each awarded contractor had their own set of projects.  Here is an article I found that I will also tweet @gsaosbu.
  • christy.jackiewicz
      During our virtual training sessions on the "Doing Business with GSA" Web Series we often have small businesses that would like to connect.  So we have created this discussion area to provide a source of community for those of you who understand that value. Please do not market on this page. 
    Last Activity 2/12/2014 9:39 AM
    in Small Business Solutions
    Christy, I hope you don't consider the following "marketing" but understand my intention is to connect to others. My contact info is Heidi Ivey, I attend as many of these webinars to understand how small business...Read More
    No, this is perfect - exactly what we were hoping would happen.  Please feel free to ask questions here, offer advice, share contact information, partnering opportunities, etc.  This is a space created for your business community....we are just...Read More
    Stephen Schemenauer
    For Release: November 16th, 2013 For more information please contact: Rich Collins 610-558-4000 608 Chadds Ford Dr. Suite 200 Chadds Ford, PA 19317 Roofing Resources Develops New Sustainable, Energy Efficient R-50 Roofing Insulation for...Read More
    Hi Rich, This is great information - however to best utilize this discussion board it might help if you preface the list with some discussion on why you are posting and how this list should be utilized. What are the time frames to respond and what...Read More
  • christy.jackiewicz
    Last Activity 1/16/2014 12:24 PM
    in Small Business Solutions, Training & Events
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  • christy.jackiewicz
    After much planning and waiting for some opportunities to populate in the forecast we are ready to present our newest training class “Access to HUBZone: New Locations, Certifications, and Opportunities”.  This session will discuss the changes to HUBZone locations, new opportunities currently available for HUBZones with GSA and how to get certified if you are in a qualifying area.
    Last Activity 12/13/2013 11:51 PM
    in Small Business Solutions
    Looking forward to this webinar.
  • christy.jackiewicz
        and   GSA is hosting a special event for small and medium sized manufacturing businesses.
    Last Activity 12/13/2013 4:22 AM
    in Small Business Solutions
    Christy...............I'll be busy during this time.  Will you be recording this for later viewing?          Gordon
    We are a mature SDVOSB and are pursuing the OASIS vehicle.  I am seeking a mechanism where I can reach out to other small businesses who are interested in the vehicle but are seeking a team to join.  Any suggestions?
    Interact Blogger
    Mr. Meggison, you might post your query on the Contractor Teaming Arrangements Tool (CTAT) here on Interact. CTAT ( was set up to facilitate the creation of teaming arrangements among industry partners.
    Jessie Coble
    This special event hosted by the GSA brought an important lesson to smaller scale modufacture businesses. Many thanks to David Stieren and other MEP leaders for providing their fantastic insight to this important issue. Best regards, Jessie Coble.
  • fssios3blogger
    The draft requisition channel Bundling Analysis posted last week  on Wednesday, October 23rd, references the potential of a paper set-aside for Small Businesses.  As freight is a major cost-driver for small paper orders (less than a pallet), it has been suggested that vendors with larger distribution infrastructures (i.e.
    The GSA Schedule Guy
    Great idea!!!  Anything that levels the playing field for small business and helps them to compete is good for the businesses, the jobs they create and the overall economy. 
    Thank you for your comment.
    Small Business already  does 75% of the business on Schedule 75 & FSSI OS2
  • christy.jackiewicz
      GSA uses social media to highlight important information that can impact how you do business with our agency.  During this session our GSA experts will:   -Highlight our social media sites -Discuss content we provide -Teach you how to navigate our GSA Interact site
    Looking forward to learning how GSA uses social media with customers and suppliers.
  • christy.jackiewicz
    Last Activity 10/18/2013 11:42 AM
    in Small Business Solutions
    I'm missing something...Is there a login or an URL for the Virtual Training? Are participants supposed to register in advance?
    This is the trouble with late night postings (smile).  See the update in the post or use this link for letting us know!
    Christy: if this is to be a virtual web based meeting, what we have to do to access it?
    Thanks for the feedback - the link is now updated  We apologize not posting this info.

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