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7/24/18 Virtual Personal Property Training: Acquiring Excess Personal Property Learn how you can save money by utilizing GSAxcess!
7/25/18 Joint Alliant 2 and Alliant 2 SB DPA Training 07/25/2018 Joint Alliant 2 and Alliant 2 SB DPA Training 07/25/2018
7/25/18 GSA's FSSI Office Supply Third Generation (OS3) Webinar Now Available. Learn How to Use them Today.
7/26/18 Building Maintenance and Operations Overview & DPA Training - Virtual 7/26/2018 Announcing the Building Maintenance and Operations Overview and Delegation of Procurement Authority Training. The training will provide detailed ordering procedures for the new BMO government-wide strategic sourcing contract vehicle.
7/26/18 Webinar:Government-wide Strategic Solution for Desktops/Laptops & GSAAdvantage Buy Desktops and Laptops through our BIC Solution
7/31/18 Baltimore Property Disposal One-Day Workshop - Baltimore, MD Learn all the basics of the property disposal program!
7/31/18 GSA Schedule 56 Training 7-31 Learn all about Schedule 56 - Building and Building Materials, Pre-Fab Buildings, Installation and Site Preparation
8/1/18 Indianapolis Personal Property Disposal Training excess property, property disposal, gsaxcess, sales of personal property, abandonment and destruction
8/1/18 FCL-GSA-0027 GSA Schedules and Small Business This training course defines and describes small business in the federal marketplace and how socioeconomic goals can be achieved using the GSA Schedules program.
8/1/18 FCL-GSA-0024 GSA Global Supply This specialized training course focuses on GSA Global Supply’s requisition-based ordering for thousands of products. From office supplies to tools and cleaning products, GSA Global Supply makes it easy to find and buy common-use items that fulfill all