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Sustainability in the Government has been Changed to a Private Group

Group Members:

As you may be aware, this site was launched in its Beta version a number of weeks ago.  In an effort to identify business topics that might benefit from the use of social media/collaboration technology, the interact team identified "Sustainability in the Government" as a natural contender. 

Unfortunately the group has not had much content added and therefore it has been less than optimal as a resource for engaging in conversation around the topic of sustainability.  We hope to soon have a new group added that will be managed directly by GSA subject matter experts and thus will have a great deal more content than this community. 

I did not want to delete the group without first communicating with those of you who elected to become a member of the group.  I would welcome any comments and/or suggestions that you may have about this topic.  I will then share that with our subject matter experts as they prepare to launch a similar community on this topic. 

I thank you for your understanding.    


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