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Learn about eBuy, GSA’s online RFQ tool!

Do you know about eBuy, GSA’s online Request for Quotation (RFQ) tool that creates RFQ submissions for Schedule supplies and services through GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)?

Using the eBuy system,  government buyers can obtain quotes or proposals for services, large quantity purchases, big ticket items, and purchases with complex requirements.

Government users who have an account on GSA Advantage!®  may use eBuy. Buyers may attach any documents (such as a Statement of Work) to their RFQs. The ability to attach documents is particularly useful when the requirement is for services.  In addition, buyers who shop GSA Advantage!®  may also designate specific supplies and services in their shopping carts to be posted to eBuy for quotations prior to purchase.

Contractors who wish to submit quotations must do so at the eBuy website. All contractors must register with the Vendor Support Center (VSC) to participate in eBuy and receive RFQs.

GSA Schedule contractors who have their catalogs posted to GSA Advantage!®  are eligible to submit quotations through eBuy. Contractors are automatically registered in eBuy under their awarded SINs. GSA Schedule contractors are advised to check the eBuy site each day for RFQ opportunities, since email notification is not guaranteed.

eBuy provides a variety of benefits to GSA Schedule and Technology contractors. eBuy:

  • Maximizes the opportunities for contractors' participation by notifying them of new government requirements for their specific supplies (products) or services;
  • Saves contractors money by reducing the cost of finding government business opportunities and reducing lead time and cost to submit quotations;
  • Provides an interactive capability for contractors to communicate requirements and quotations via the web and email;
  • Helps contractors establish new business relationships as new opportunities are discovered;
  • Is small business set-aside ready; and
  • Many more benefits!

We encourage you to take advantage of this innovative GSA tool. Get started today by visiting
http://www.gsa.gov/portal/category/25579. In addition, you can also reach out to our Customer Service Contact number at (877) 472-3777.