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OASIS Team Expands With Three New Members - Nov 20, 2012

Hello Industry Partners, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our newest team members based out of Ft. Worth. All three of them bring invaluable experience in acquisitions to the OASIS team.

Todd Richards will serve as the Deputy Director of the OASIS Program Management Office, where he has been serving in an acting capacity.  Formerly, Todd served as a Senior Contracting Officer and Business Development Specialist for the Enterprise GWAC Center in Ft. Worth, Texas, as well as a Senior Contracting Officer assigned to supporting the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board. Todd has served over 22 years in the Federal Government and over 18 of those years have been in contracting.  Todd began his career as an active duty Air Force officer, serving both as a Nuclear Missile Launch Officer and a Contracting Officer.

Tommy Thomas comes to the OASIS team to serve as the OASIS PCO. Tom has more than 22 years of acquisition experience supporting customer missions with effective, streamlined acquisition solutions. Prior to his current position, Tom served as Supervisory Contracting Officer in GSA, Public Building Services, Region 7, managing contracts supporting the Operations and Maintenance of Federal Buildings. Tom also served 9 years within the GSA, FAS GWAC office, Regions 4 and 7, supporting Department of Defense and Federal Information Technology programs.  He was the Contracting Officer for the Millennia Lite GWAC and Alliant GWAC.

Valerie Bindel will be a part of the OASIS team as a Senior Contracting Officer and brings a wealth of experience to the team.  Valerie comes to the OASIS team from the GSA Office of Integrated Technology Services (ITS). Valerie was a critical member of the GWAC Center in Ft. Worth, Texas, serving as the Alliant Scope Review Team Leader as well as other important roles.  Valerie also served as a Senior Contracting Officer in supporting the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board as a special assignment.  Prior to that, she was a Lead Contracting Officer in the Schedules 70 branch.

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Jim Ghiloni and I am the Director of the OASIS Program Management Office. Todd, Tommy and Valerie will represent the OASIS team in Ft. Worth and work closely together with me and the following team members:

GSA Executive Steering Committee:

Kathy Colomo – Regional Commissioner, Greater Southwest Region, Federal Acquisition Service

Tim Flemming – Assistant Commissioner of the Office of Assisted Acquisition Services

Tiffany Hixson – Regional Commissioner, Northwest Arctic Region, Federal Acquisition Service

Kevin Youel Page – Acting Assistant Commissioner of the Office of Integrated Technology Services

Mike Tyllas – Acting Assistant Commissioner of the Office of General Supplies and Services

GSA Executive Sponsor:  Jeff Koses - Director, Office of Acquisition Operations, General Supplies and Services

OASIS Source Selection Authority:  Tiffany Hixson - Regional Commissioner, Northwest Arctic Region, Federal Acquisition Service

OASIS Program Executive Office:

Howard Grizzle - Office of Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) Representative

Lindsay Wong - Region 7 Representative

Dewayne Carter - Small Business Technical Advisor - Office of Acquisition Management

Thomas Green - Senior Small Business Technical Advisor - Office of Small Business Utilization

OASIS Program Management Office:

Tariq Choudry - Contract Specialist - OASIS Program Management Office

Debra Drake - Contract Specialist - OASIS Program Management Office

Karla Akmkjian - Contract Specialist - OASIS Program Management Office

Lead Communications Specialist: Natasha Sheehan, Office of General Supplies and Services
We have a very strong staff assembled for the OASIS Program and I am very excited for both the new additions to the team as well as the future of these contracts! Thank you all so much for your support, feedback, ideas, and contributions. Please continue to monitor our progress and keep the ideas coming!


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<p>Please modify the date function on this blog to show the actual calendar date and clock time&nbsp;of each posting.&nbsp; The current&nbsp;format ( &quot;1 week, 2 days ago&quot;, or &quot;1 day 7 hours ago&quot;&nbsp;is unnecessarily confusing.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
OASIS Blogger
<p><span id="internal-source-marker_0.5547894796986536" style="font-size:13px;font-family:Arial;color:#000000;background-color:#ffffff;font-weight:normal;font-style:normal;font-variant:normal;text-decoration:none;vertical-align:baseline;">Thank you for your feedback. We are including the date the blog was posted in the title and working with the Interact team to see if we can change the date functionality. &nbsp;Jim</span></p>
<p>Posting the names of your team members is to be commended.&nbsp; All too often government tries to keep things a secret that are not.&nbsp; As a former member of the GSA team it&#39;s gratifying to see you lead.&nbsp; Keep it up.</p>
OASIS Blogger
<p><span id="internal-source-marker_0.5547894796986536" style="font-size:13px;font-family:Arial;color:#000000;background-color:#ffffff;font-weight:normal;font-style:normal;font-variant:normal;text-decoration:none;vertical-align:baseline;">We appreciate the feedback, Bob. The OASIS team believes that transparency is key to the success of this solution. &nbsp;Jim</span></p>
<p>Can you please clarify what the On-Ramp and Off-Ramp means?&nbsp; I assume it means if you are small-biz and graduate, you would be moved up to the big-business track?</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
OASIS Blogger
<p><b id="internal-source-marker_0.3133282952476293" style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium; line-height: normal; font-weight: normal;"><span style="font-size: 13px; font-family: Arial; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">Hello and thanks for the question.&nbsp;The term &ldquo;On-Ramp&rdquo; simply means that the contracts may re-open the solicitations in order to add more contractors on the contracts. The term &ldquo;Off-Ramp&rdquo; simply means that contractors may be removed from the contracts after award. Thanks for the question and we hope this clarifies the terms for you. &nbsp;Jim</span></b></p>
<p>Todd, Tommy, Valerie</p><p>Welcome to the OASIS team. We look forward to working with you</p><p>MikeNeyland</p>
OASIS Blogger
<p><span id="internal-source-marker_0.05574613846302734" style="font-size:13px;font-family:Arial;color:#000000;background-color:#ffffff;font-weight:normal;font-style:normal;font-variant:normal;text-decoration:none;vertical-align:baseline;">Thank you, Mike. All three of our new official members are very excited about and happy to be working on the OASIS project. &nbsp;Each and every one of them brings a lot to the project and we are proud to have them on the team. &nbsp;Jim</span></p>
<p>I appreciate the recent discussion regarding teaming and evaluation of prime contractor capability. I was wondering have you given any thought to allowing JVs? Thanks for the open forum. Pat</p>
OASIS Blogger
<p><span id="internal-source-marker_0.4021517389163868" style="font-size:13px;font-family:Arial;color:#000000;background-color:#ffffff;font-weight:normal;font-style:normal;font-variant:normal;text-decoration:none;vertical-align:baseline;">Hi Pat and thanks for the question. &nbsp;All Offerors will have to have relevant experience in order to compete for OASIS. &nbsp;This includes Joint Ventures. &nbsp;If a Joint Venture already exists and has the necessary experience performing as that JV entity, then they may compete for an OASIS award. &nbsp;If the JV entity does not have experience performing as that entity, they will not be able to compete for an OASIS award. &nbsp;Thanks again for the question. &nbsp;Jim</span></p>
Amy Fadida
<p>Jim, Todd, Tommy, Valerie, Jeff and the rest of the OASIS program team:</p><p>Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for all you do.</p><p>Regards.</p><p>Amy</p>
OASIS Blogger
<p>Thank you very much, Amy. The OASIS team wishes you too a very happy Thanksgiving! Jim</p>
Susan Milich
<p>It is great to see this fine team coming together.&nbsp; I wish each of you, and all your stakeholders, much success in this endeavor!</p><p>Susan Milich</p><p>Federal Marketing Associates, Inc.</p>
OASIS Blogger
<p><span id="internal-source-marker_0.09719622094862279" style="font-size:13px;font-family:Arial;color:#000000;background-color:#ffffff;font-weight:normal;font-style:normal;font-variant:normal;text-decoration:none;vertical-align:baseline;">Thank you very much, Susan. Jim</span></p>
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